We are a York based company providing a wide range of archaeological services for those involved in the planning process. We offer advice at the planning stage, as well as providing desktop assessments, trial fieldwork, excavation and archaeological or topographic surveys. We are also in a position to commission geophysical surveys and undertake the recording and survey of standing buildings should this be required. Where full scale excavation is required On-Site Archaeology have a considerable amount of experience in conducting the on-site fieldwork on both major and small scale projects, in addition to recording, reporting and publishing the results.

Services can be provided on the complicated deeply stratified and complex remains to be found on urban sites as well as in rural situations. Our staff have a wide experience of working on sites of all periods, from prehistoric through to post medieval. Our work has encompassed both open-area excavation and linear, non site specific projects such as pipelines, roads and flood alleviation schemes, having undertaken work of this type on behalf of Yorkshire Water plc, the Environment Agency and BP Amoco Ltd. On-Site Archaeology provides specialist archaeological advice for those involved in the planning process. We can design and carry out strategies for the assessment of archaeological remains and for the mitigation of any impacts upon them. In addition, where necessary we can provide expert witnesses to deal with archaeological issues at Public Enquiries

Our services include

  • Archaeological Evaluation
  • Archaeological Excavation and Watching Brief
  • Field Survey
  • Geophysical Survey
  • Artefactual Services
  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Conservation Services
  • Publication